Hotel Centro Sevilla In the heart of Seville,(At the district of Santa Cruz next to the Alcazar, Giralda and theCatedral) there is Hotel Amadeus. Hotel Amadeus is based on the theme of classical music,where magic, comfort, hospitality and culture combine.

An old mansion style patio of the XVIII century is adapted into a hotel which is maintainingand respecting the Sevillan style as much as posible. You feel like home in the charming roomsof the precious musical hotel at the center of Seville.

At the central patio you will find all types of musical instruments which you will be able toplay.You can also enjoy a splenid sight of the Cathedral and Giralda in Seville at the terrace whilehaving our delicious breakfast whenever you like. Hotel Amadeus also offers delicious orangeflavoured wine of Seville for the guests.

Here you will find all our services, availability, rates, photos of our rooms and informationabout our chamber music concerts on the patio of the Hotel Amadeus.